Pre-Installed With Popular Deep Learning Frameworks

All of our HPC cloud and workstations come pre-installed with several popular deep learning frameworks, optimized by low-latency, high-speed memory to shorten experimental feedback cycles.

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Easily customize and configure our service offerings to meet your computing requirements

  • Free database, cloud and local storage
  • Run & schedule tasks using CMD or IDE
  • Windows OS with CPU & GPU passthrough
  • On-premise or remote access with statistics
  • Flexible config & scaling with technical support

Access data from our free limited database, cloud storage or local solid-state and mechanical drives. Run or schedule execution of your code using command-line or IDE interfaces in windows server or professional environments with GPU passthrough capability.
Easily connect to resources from either on-premise or secure remote access with real-time usage logging and extensive statistics. Hassle-free scaling with optional upgrade configurability to Intel, AMD or Nvidia CPU & GPU's including comprehensive technical support.

State-of-the-art cooling technology

Our novel DynaCool and PVFR cooling technology offers increased over-clockability with reduced thermals and power consumption through innovative use of our proprietary real-time monitoring software and control systems.

DynaCool image


DynaCool is our proprietary software engine which was originally designed to be used in Large-Scale Datcenters (LSDCs). It was designed and built using a model-driven MVC architecture, capable of accomodating almost any closed loop HPC topology. The DynaCool software engine uses an internal model of the heat signatures and cooling requirements of HPC infrastructures and their components. The Software uses a real-time adaptive cooling strategy that monitors the HPC infrastructure to modulate and actuate the power supply and cooling loops to determine the precise coolant flow rate for the system.
The algorithm specifically developed for this purpose uses a novel Pulsed Variable Flow-Rate (PVFR) approach to reduce power consumption, while ensuring adequate cooling performance is maintained for the computer hardware. The system has undergone extensive testing using computer simulations against other existing Variable Flow-Rate (VFR) cooling technologies and has been vetted by industry experts from the IEEE organization.

PWM image

Pulsed Variable Flow-Rate (PVFR)

A novel approach at optimizing liquid cooling

PVFR in conjuction with DynaCool uses real-time monitoring and control mechanisms to efficiently use coolant and pump power in open/closed loop systems to ensure optimal cooling performance is delivered. This efficiency reduces cooling power consumption by upto 62%, when compared against static and other VFR cooling technologies.

What can our cooling technology do for your company's liquid cooling needs?

Summary Table

Cooling Power Reduction Our novel DynaCool and PVFR technology can reduce power consumption significantly and has the potential to save millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions. upto 62% reduction
Cost Savings Our approach has the potential to save billions of dollars in OPEX costs for large datacenter operators. Approx. $1.386 billion (USA alone) in OPEX savings
Large Market Pivot Opportunities Our novel technology is applicable accross a wide range of market segments like, dairy, food, healthcare, commercial and industrial processes.
Power Savings Without compromizing On Cooling Performance Our technology is designed to offer the best energy savings without compromizing on cooling performance.
Adaptable and Scalable Since inception our technology was designed to be adaptable for multiple market segments and scalable to even extremely high thermal output scenarios.

We are Experts in Deep Learning

No sales talk, just business. We are a small team of enthusiasts, proud of our technology offerings and proprietary software. Drop us an email and let us know your requirements so that we can walk you through our value proposition.